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We are a market leading provider of liquid and solid containment solutions, operating within the specialty sector of the broader industrial services industry. Throughout our nearly 70-year operating history, we have developed a reputation for delivering high quality containment equipment and services to a broad range of customers across a wide variety of end markets. We have also established strong brand recognition, as the “Baker” name has become synonymous with liquid and solid containment solutions. We maintain a large and diverse liquid and solid containment rental fleet consisting of more than 20,000 units, including steel tanks, polyethylene tanks, roll-off boxes, pumps, pipes, hoses and fittings, filtration units, tank trailers, berms and trench shoring equipment.

We offer liquid and solid containment solutions that are comprehensive and often integrated into the regular maintenance and service programs of our clients. We differentiate our business by offering customers a broad product range and customized solutions involving extensive consultation and technical advice, equipment set-up and integration, and logistics management. We believe our advanced product and service capabilities allow us to become more closely integrated with our customers’ businesses and ensure that we remain an essential partner for the long term.

We provide our containment solutions in the United States through a national network with the capability to serve customers in all 50 states. We operate additional international locations in Europe, Canada and Mexico. In the United States, we are one of a small group of national companies that provide a broad range of products in the liquid and solid containment market. This scale allows us to optimize our fleet utilization and adjust to variations in regional supply and demand by rebalancing our equipment portfolio to target the most attractive opportunities by industry or geography. We have a proven track record in leveraging our branch network to rapidly introduce new products across regions and to better serve customers requiring nationwide service.

We deliver our containment solutions to a diverse set of customers. We serve customers in over 15 industries including: oil and gas, industrial and environmental services, refining, environmental remediation, construction, chemicals, transportation, power and municipal works. We work with our customers deliver a mix of our products and services to a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • maintenance and cleaning of industrial process equipment;
  • temporary groundwater storage and treatment;
  • storage and movement of water for the extraction of oil and gas;
  • storage and disposal of solids in environmental remediation;
  • filtration of hydrocarbons from liquid and vapor effluent;
  • mixing and moving viscous materials in cleaning oil storage tanks;
  • filtration of sediment from storm water runoff;
  • liquid storage and transfer for pipeline repair and testing;
  • bypassing sewer and water lines for rehabilitation and installation;
  • shoring of trenches and excavations;
  • separation of liquids from solids in municipal and industrial waste; and
  • fluid movement and temporary storage in response to emergency spills or adverse weather.